Curating the Curious

Burnout Part 2-The Way to Healing

May 06, 2021 LeAnna Azzolini Season 1 Episode 27
Curating the Curious
Burnout Part 2-The Way to Healing
Show Notes

Since hitting the publish button on my Part 1 episode about burnout and the toll it's been taking on me, I've received handfuls of messages from so many of you who are finding yourselves in the same position. We are not alone.
Throughout this process of taking a giant pause and finding new ways to heal, I've been collecting the thoughts and ideas that have been helpful for recovery. Here's a just a sample of what has been guiding me as of late. I hope these tips give you something useful to act on, like they have for me.

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The Artist's Way By Julia Cameron
The Artist's Way Book & Journal Set (I own and love this!)
The 5 Minute Gratitude Journal

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